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XYZ Photo Gallery - Docklands Link
Centre for Contemporary Photography - Fitzroy Link
Monash Gallery of Art - Monash Link
Wolf Hound Photographic Gallery - Fitzroy link
Magnet Gallery - Docklands Link
Source Photographica - Sorrento Link
Horsham Regional Gallery - Horsham - Link
Leica Gallery - City Link
Gold Street Gallery - Trentham East Link
The Hillvale Gallery - Burnswick Link
Sun Studios Gallery - South Melbourne Link
The National Centre for Photography - Ballarat Link


Tall Poppy Press     link
three fantastic books so far!

PhotoBooks     link
Awesome books about place!

Perimeter Editions     link
748 High Street, Thornbury  
Victoria 3071 Australia


Australian Film Photographers Scene link
Australian Film Photographers Scene (or AFPS) is centered around the narrated story telling ability to accompany  the aesthetically pleasing imagery captured on the traditional photographic medium called “Film & other alternative analog processes”.
Urban Light Link
A compiled list of photographers, in Victoria and further afield who work in analogue
Pushing Film Link
A YouTube channel run by the local and super talented Hashem McAdam. 
Cambridge in Colour Link
A go to site for most of the technical explaination of photography
Art Blart Link
A blog about photography and reviews of photographic exhibitions in melbourne and further afield run by a MelbUni academic
Talking Pictures Link
Alasdair Foster interviews photographers around the world, including Trent Parke, Luis Gonzalez Palma and Atta Kim.
The Art of Photography Link
The most complete Youtube channel on photography, gear, heroes, business et el.
Photo-Eye Bookstore Link
Hard to find a better photo bookshop than this!


Tips for collecting - from one of the best art portals, Artsy.
Images from Ballarat Foto selected images
Emerging Photographers - from the most important photographic bookshop in NYC Photo-eye.
Scheinbaum and Russek major photo dealers
MagnumTheir mailing list gets access to their output.


Anne Zahalka 

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Anne Zahalka introduced Australian art to a multicultural post modern Australia. Her first major body of work to enter the public domain was Bondi Playground of the Pacific (above). This image is included in the NGV Australia's Portrait show right now. This body of work was made and shown at Bondi Pavilion just meters from the beach, yet Anne used a painted backdrop, that echoed portraiture in the early years of photography. Each of the images is named after the activity rather than any age, ethnicity or gender. This was a first in Australian representation of itself. Two years prior to this she did Resemblance which was originally shown in Berlin then came to ACP. In this work she reconstructs sets and costumes reminiscent of Dutch masters but with moments of the modern. Wikipedia sums it up: Her artwork revolves around Australian culture, focusing on themes such as gender roles, leisure activities and the conventions of art. Karra Rees interviews Anne for the major portrait show at CCP, Dumbo Feather Pass It On also interviewed her. Here Anne talks through her process of making a portrait. Isobel Parker Philip AGNSW talks through one of Annes works. She is represented by Arc One in Melbourne. 

Sebastião Salgado 

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Salgado came to fame for his photographs of Ronald Reagan, but it was his black and white work from the late 1980s that brought him to fame. His background in economics, his empathy and willingness encounter the extremes of the human condition pushed his work to in distinctive way, it is difficult not to tell one of his photographs. He worked in W Eugene Smith's photo story format but joined many together to form a substantial body of work and present it as an exhibition and book. Workers, Migration and Genesis being the biggest. 
Lets start with a quick read, rather than Wiki here is The Guardian. Interviews; first was done by Canon after he used their cameras the second transcribed for easy reading. He has is own foundation, but his is about reforestation of Brazil. Artsy has a list of some of the prints that are for sale.

Richard Avedon 

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Avedon is a photographer that we all reference if not copy often. Here is a run down and some reading to get up to speed on one of the greatest ever in fashion and portraiture.  
Lets start with a quick read, rather than Wiki here is Art Story's account. He has is own foundation to promote his legacy, of course this site has an amazing amount of information. Now an interview to hear him in his own words. This one is amazing. It is long and detailed. Here is the Artsy's list of works for sale.

Tim Page 

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Page is part legend part myth. Here is a deep dive. His story is one of the great reads of photography. lets start with his work, this is his a bit neglected website
Lets have an overview of his career by Time Magazine. Here is an interview with Vice full of WTF moments. Let us continue with an article about his friendship with Michael Herr one of the writers of Full Metal Jacket and writer of the voiceover in Apocalypse Now because he was one of the most talented and interesting reporters out of that war.

Ren Hang 

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Ren Hang took the 1990s snapshot aesthetic which was a fleeting moment in Chinese photography (1985-2005) and transformed it into a style we see many young photographers emulating.  Most of us, in the English speaking world, followed locals who have been influenced by Ren Hang. What makes his work more than just snapshots is that he incorporates a playful sexuality. His photographs depict bodies we would describe as wimps, he captures their sexuality and enjoyment of life. This was a far from Ren Hang's own battles with depression. The author of this newsletter was privileged to both meet him and work with him on the now gone 'cock magazine' from the mid twenty teens. 

Lets start with context, Thomas Sauvin, saved many of the negatives of the 1985-2005 period of photography in China as the Silver Goldmine.

Ren Hang's books are perhaps the best way to view his work. These are climbing in price as most were limited to 1000 copies or less. Taschen made a oversized monograph in 2017 which is still in print. A selection of his prints or sale.

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