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XYZ Photo Gallery - Docklands 
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Traveling the Portillo Way - Rail Stories
Scott Gould, Jonny Tanoto, Dept of Economics (Netherlands) and others
18 May 2024 1:00 - 5:00pm, Thursday - Sunday (note change of days now open Saturday instead of Wednesday)

Main Gallery:
Digital reproductions of four of the Golden Spike glass plates, Trainspotters images of the 4500 and Castle Class locomotives, 1930-1950s, Images from the Dienst Van Economishche Zaken (Netherlands) 1942-1947. Contemporary images of the diesel locomotives of Victoria Rail and Jonny Tango's images of Chinese fast rail stations.  

Director’s space:
Photographs of the Beijing subway in 2011-13 and photographs from the stock room including Churchgate Station by Salgado. 

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Magnet Gallery - Docklands
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Anzac Days Exhibition
Collin Abbott
to 25 May 2024
A collection of photographs by Collin Abbott of Anzac Day parades in Melbourne during the 1970s. Abbott's interest was to record the last of the World War I diggers, as well as their families and friends, for whom the parade was a way of commemorating those who served and fell.

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Library at the Dock- Docklands 
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They Shoot Film
Emma Armstrong-Porter, Natalie Blom, Angela Cornish, Keira Hudson and Jessica Schwientek
28 May to 7 July 2024
This project serves as an opportunity to centre alternate perspectives, demonstrating how each artist takes up their own position in a medium historically dominated by men. By delving into their personal narratives, They Shoot Film not only records the artists’ individual histories, but also creates an opportunity for exploring and exploiting the limitations of the medium.


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CCP - Fitzroy
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Hillvale Gallery - Brunswick 
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Foreground: Portraits of Older Transgender and Gender Diverse People
Marlo W
17 May to 17 June 2024

Foreground is a celebration of a group of people who are often overlooked. Sharing the stories of older transgender and gender diverse (TGD) people is integral to demythologising transgender people to the broader community.

“I often think about my older self. Who will be with me when I am older? Will I be living in an aged care home? Will I be living with a lover as we take care of each other? Will I be living with friends? Wherever I end up, I want to be safe and know that the people around me are empathetic and understanding of me as a person, and of my transness.

“There is a severe lack of representation of older transgender and gender diverse (TGD) individuals in the media. As a result, their intimate lives — their thoughts, passions, interests, hopes, struggles, regrets — become something of a mystery. It is important for people to see themselves reflected in society. It is how we experience belonging. As a young transgender person, where will I belong if I do not see mysel reflected in my elders?

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Off the Kerb - Collingwood 
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Cakeface and Rhys Pope

to 16 May, 2024 

Whose Life Is it Anyway? is a dynamic collaboration between former adversaries turned allies: performance persona Cakeface and photographer Rhys Pope. Their debut series showcases singular portraits inspired by queer icons and bygone eras. Warning: this show contains fat flesh, clowns and photoshopping mishaps - this show is for anyone who isn’t sure who they really are. 


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State Library of Victoria - Melbourne 
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Melbourne Out Loud: Life through the lens of Rennie Ellis
Rennie Ellis
to 28 January 2025

If there was ever a photographer to take Melbourne’s portrait, it was Rennie Ellis.
Rennie had an uncanny ability to slip into all kinds of social circles and his photographs are the ultimate story of life on the town.
He roamed our places: St Kilda Beach, the MCG, Swanston Street, Sidney Myer Music Bowl. He met superstars: Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Grace Jones. He stood with crowds on the biggest days of the year: Melbourne Cup, the AFL Grand Final, the Boxing Day Test. He befriended people from all walks of life: athletes and celebrities, punks and protesters, beach goers and party lovers. And he captured it all on camera.

Nikon-Walkley Press Photography Exhibition
to 23 June 2024

See the winners and finalists selected from the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism, celebrating the achievements of Australian photographers across a range of genres, from news and sports to portraiture and visual essays.

The Walkley Awards have recognised excellence across all media since 1956, when the first awards were presented in five categories. As the news industry has evolved, they have kept pace, and the awards now comprise 30 categories, from the confronting to the joyous. All are striking examples of the power of visual storytelling.

The 2023 finalists featured in this exhibition encompass a range of subjects – from politicians to everyday folk, from our backyards to the furthest corners of the globe. Such is the power of photojournalism: in a moment of stillness, each voice says, “This is my story. I am here."

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Shrine of Remembrance - Melbourne
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Trenches to Runway
to October 2024

At first glance, the world of fashion and the gravity of military service may appear distant, even disparate. Yet, they share a tapestry of connections that reveal themselves in profound ways.
Our latest exhibition explores the rich connections between the uniforms that once graced the battlefield and the iconic fashion staples we embrace today.
Trenches to Runway delves into the profound impact of military clothing design and wartime conditions on popular fashion, tracing these influences from the 1870s to the present day. Discover how wartime led to innovative design solutions and how the fashion industry reinterpreted these styles, giving them new meaning and expression in civilian life.

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Hellenic Museum - Melbourne
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Bill Henson
ONEIROI sets out to inspire discussion about what it means to be custodians of an ancient past and captures the way in which our history, culture and art shape the way in which we make sense of our own world.

Vic Archives Centre - North Melbourne
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Collective City
Cathrin Plunkett, Francesca Donnoli, Gonzzalo Palta, Shiang Liew, Sally Coggle, Mark Davidson, Mike Reed, Nathan Coote, Andrew Wilson, Adam Sinclair, Jane Hinwood and Ilana Rose
This exhibition showcases historic photographs of Melbourne from the state and federal government archives, alongside images representing our city today, curated from submissions by contemporary street photographers. The exhibition explores the moments of joy and connection that happen in our public spaces, between friends, family and strangers. It also highlights the ways people can feel disconnected or lonely in a crowd, and the divisions created by inequity of access to services and public spaces.

NOTE: located at PMI 39 St Edmonds Road, Prahran


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Pride Centre - St Kilda 
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The Air is Electric
David McDiamird
1 May – 30 June

THaving experienced the joy of belonging to an identifiable gay community in Sydney and buoyed by the potential that could be unleashed by the gay community, David wanted to experience gay life, community, and art in the USA. During his travels in the United States, David McDiarmid was constantly documenting his experiences in correspondence and photographs, and through these we can start to understand the excitement of the liberatory activism and emergent gay community of the late 1970s – ‘the air was electric’ with new possibilities and freedom. An Australian Queer Archives exhibition.

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Museum of Australian Photography - Monash 
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uilt photography
Trent Crawford, Jessica Curry, Lucas Davidson, Damian Dillon, Jacqueline Felstead, Janina Green, Luke Parker, Kiah Pullens, Jacky Redgate, Talia Smith, Katrina Stamatopoulos, Andrew Tetzlaff, Marian Tubbs, Skye Wagner & Grace Wood
8 June – 25 August 2024

Built photography proposes a conversation between photography’s material, its surface and form and especially its objectness, against which the flatness of the photographic plane is interrogated. Through processes of ‘inflation’, photographs disrupt the two-dimensional surface to complicate the spatial relationship between the content of an image and its physical form.
A built photograph becomes a three-dimensional proposition that can be twisted, torn, pulled apart, pierced, stripped and exposed. It’s a process of investigation: how can the traditional reading of a photograph – through its two-dimensional representative function – be extended, and what happens in the acknowledgement of the objectness of the materials involved in the creation and display of the photograph?

Izabela Pluta and Kiron Robinson
8 June – 21 July 2024

In this exhibition both Pluta and Robinson explore their own and public archives which are then decontextualised and recontextualised to bring past ideas into a contemporary context. For the curators of Built photography, Hollow playfully capsizes the idea of being built and examines the emptiness that can lie underneath the surface of a photograph.


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Footscray Community Arts 
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Exquisite Corpse
Salote Tawale 
to 26 May 2024
The exhibition title Exquisite Corpse refers not only to the collaborative drawing game popularised by the surrealists (who in turn, appropriated Oceanic objects and ideas), but also to the cumulative migrant experience in post-colonial Australia.

Marungka Tjalatjunu (Dipped in Black)
Derik Lynch (Yankunytjatjara) Matthew Thorne  
to 26 May 2024
The Marungka tjalatjunu (Dipped in black) is an autobiographical work, following queer Yankunytjatjara man Derik Lynch’s road trip back to Country for spiritual healing as memories from his childhood return—memories of his childhood, of growing up in remote Anangu Community, and of learning Tjukurpa.
This photographic series follows his journey from the oppression of white city life in Adelaide, back home to his remote Anangu Community Aputula to perform on sacred Inma ground.


Orange Grove
Clifford Prince King 
to 26 May 2024
Self-taught US artist Clifford Prince King documents his intimate relationships in traditional, everyday settings that speak to his experiences as a queer Black man. Orange Grove is a series of dark and handsome images, filled with King’s intricate portraits that flow like tapestries. King makes the everyday transparent while embracing possible futures, through a sense of fantasy and daydream. Woven into the narrative is King’s 2018 HIV diagnosis, and the subsequent shifts in the body that illness brings. As King describes, “The work I make is the work I wish I had seen growing up, to make my process and my understanding easier. That links back to the faces being hidden in some images, I think it allows for people to put themselves in that photograph.”

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Werribee Train Station 
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Peter Waples-Crowe 
to 31 December 2024
Located within the architecture of Station Place, Peter Waples-Crowe’s site-based exhibition Affirm sits in the expansive window-based architrave and entrance to the subterranean hub of the Station. The artist has worked with his image-based archive—itself incorporating new and found imagery—moulded as raw material, often subverting the imagery’s original intents and purposes.

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The Main Shed at Seaworks - Williamstown
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Steve McCurry - Icons
Steve McCurry
To an unspecified date.

This is photography as event. Experience the best photos from Steve McCurry, an award winning and well renowned photographer that has traveled the world to capture moments across cultures and traditions.


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Gold Street Gallery - Trentham East 
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A Retrospective
Mike Ware
to 11 August 2024

Dr Mike Ware is an accomplished British photographer and with a doctorate in chemistry from Oxford . Mike has undertaken fundamental studies in historic photographic processes and preservation of photographs working with The National Science and Media Museum Bradford and The Victoria and Albert Museum London, and The National Gallery of Art, Washington DC. Mike brings real science to bear on alternative processes. He has written three books that are in-depth modern classics of alternative photographic processes along with numerous papers.

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Art Gallery of Ballarat - Ballarat 
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The Ballad of Sexual Dependency

Nan Goldin
to 2 June 2024
The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is a defining artwork of the 1980s. Nan Goldin’s extended photographic study of her chosen family – her ‘tribe’ – began life as a slide show screened in the clubs and bars of New York where Goldin and her friends worked and played. The slide show was then distilled to a series of 126 photographs, which has recently become part of the National Gallery’s collection.
Goldin takes photographs to connect, to keep the people she loves in her memory. She is committed to the idea that photography can faithfully record a time and place, and do so in a way that has real social purpose. Using a documentary, snapshot style, she lays bare her life in the manner of a family album. We see her alongside her friends and lovers as they live their lives – hanging out, falling in and out of love, having children. But this is a community that would be decimated by HIV/AIDS and drug-related deaths. The Ballad has become as much a testament to how much Goldin and her community have lost, as it is a record of the look and feel of a past time.

Lost in Palm Springs
Kate Ballis, Tom Blachford, Anna Carey, Sam Cranstoun, Paul Davies, Rosi Griffin, Vicki Stravrou, Robyn Sweaney and Gosia Wlodarczak. American artists in the exhibition are Darren Bradley, Jim Isermann, Troy Kudlac, Lance O’Donnell and Kim Stringfellow.
4 May to 1 September 2024
This interdisciplinary exhibition brings together 14 creative minds – including internationally recognised artists, photographers and thinkers from America and Australia – who respond to, capture, or reimagine the magical qualities of the landscape and the celebrated mid-century modern architecture found in the desert city.
Connections between Palm Springs and Australia are remarkably strong, particularly when viewed through the lens of the current renaissance of interest in modernist architecture. Place and home, desert atmospheres, landscapes (real and imagined), and Bauhaus sensibilities inform the works.

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Castlemaine Art Museum - Castlemaine 
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Julie Millowick
to 16 June 2024

Millowick’s photographs show us the devastating effects of mining, drought, flood and invasive plants, but also remind us of the interconnectedness that links all parts of this ecosystem including its human occupants. This is a terrain which the artist loves, and which she sees with acute perception. It is a landscape full of complexity, a region with a terrible past, but in its capacity for renewal is also a place that offers a spark of hope for the future.

20/70 (Terrace Projection)
Michael Wolfe
to 26 May 2024

In the 1970s they were in their 20s, and now in the 2020s they’re in their 70s and beyond. Unlike some traditional professions, where a defined age often marks the end of a career, artists tend to continue creating as long as they’re able.

In photographic portraits by Castlemaine artist Michael Wolfe, featuring 21 visual artists over age 70 from Mount Alexander Shire, this exhibition projection 20/70 explores how an artist’s practice is both dynamic and in constant evolution. Just what does creativity, character and commitment count for across a lifetime as an artist?

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Horsham Regional Gallery - Horsham 
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To 16 June 2024

Women photographers in Australia have made significant contributions to visual storytelling through the camera lens. They capture diverse landscapes, insights into cultures and social dynamics; acquiring the essence of their subject matter from a unique perspective.

Australian Female Photographers invites viewers to consider the rich tapestry of our collective existence. This exhibition, a testament to the breadth and depth of Horsham’s collection, and the skill of photography in capturing the essence of the human experience.

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